Proud new S3 owner!

After 12 years of Audi ownership I can finally say I drive an S car! This is my first auto trans in as many years, and my first ever "other" quattro.. So far I love the car, but there are a few things to get used to (cough Haldax cough auto).

2016 S3 Prestige with 24k miles purchased CPO from Audi Central Houston.

Previous honorable mentions:

Stage 2 B6

B7 with rods and an EFR 6758 and all the other goodies (I am on the fence whether to sell/part it out, or keep it to scratch the itch for three pedals and POWER!).
Congrats and welcome, your old Audis look fantastic.


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Nice. I like the color. I just picked up a 2016 with 13k miles myself. So much fun I can't stop driving mine.