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I have several vehicles 1 being the '17 Q5. While the Q5 had a optional Paint sealant applied at purchase, I still use products to enhance and maintain this cars beauty. I've gotten away from wax. Instead I use a Paint Sealant known as "Klasse" that I purchase online. This product is made in Germany. For quick touch up dust,Finger print marks I use "Griots" Speed Shine. For wheel cleaning I use" Sonax".Once cleaned I put a coat of Klasse Paint sealant on the wheels to maintain their beauty and help to keep Tar from sticking. I have switched from using Cotton towels to Microfiber. Better absorption and No scratching.
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I use CarPro Reload on both my wife's Focus and the Q5

You buy it on Amazon.

Here's the results, you can see how well the water beads.

Are you like me as I read reviews first before trying a product. klasse that's I use is available from "" My other vehicles are a '08 Honda Goldwing,'12 Honda Ridgeline, '15 Subaru Legacy Ltd and the '17 Q5.